Upgraded Charging System to a new CS130 Setup

I was running an externally regulated 55 amp alternator on my 327. Problem is I recently upgraded to a 200-4R with 3.73 rear end, so my overdrive highway had a lower rpm than what the original alternator was setup for. I went ahead and purchased a brand new Remy CS130 Alternator from RockAuto because it looked like the highest quality new alternator available. You'll notice the mounts on the Remy are actually at about 1:30 instead of the 12:00 position, yet if you use the same cross reference at Autozone they offer some Duralast versions of this alternator with the top mount dead on at 12 oclock. It looks like if you use an 87 Buick Skyhawk 2.0L you can get a Duralast Gold for $10 cheaper vs the 87 Chevrolet Camaro Duralast Gold. I got the Remy 91316 which has a 1:30 clock top mount so I needed a 3 to 3.5" longer belt. Autozone does offer a Gold Duralast for $110 and the website picture shows it has a 12oclock position. They also offer a standard Duralast for $74.99 but this is a premium remanufacturered where as the Remy 91316 I run and the Gold Duralast are 100% brand new components.
Upgrading was pretty straight forward, I used my Impact Gun to remove the V belt pulley from the old alternator to install on the new one. The new alternator came with a Serpentine belt pulley which my engine is not setup for. After swapping the alternator, I peeled back some of the Friction Tape used on the wiring (about 10" of it). This allowed me to use the new GM 88987962 CS130 connector and weather boot. You only need 2 of the 4 wires, so you can clip the other two or leave them in the wiring harness. You need the S (Pin 1, largest wire/connector) and L (Pin 3). S is used to sense the voltage at the horn relay, while L is used to turn on the GEN light if the alternator stops spinning while ignition is on.
Your old alternator had two wires running to it for the old connector, use an Ohm Meter to trace these back to the Blue and Black/White wires near the external regulator, make sure you take note of what is what and write it down! Now you want the new S Pin 1 connector to go to Black/White Stripe and you want the new L Pin 3 to connect to the Blue Wire. On mine the black on the old connector was the Blue (L) and the White/Grey was the Black/White Stripe (S), but its best to use an ohm meter to make sure! The kit provides crimp connectors for this task.
Once finished use some Duck Friction Tape (I find it in the auto section at the local grocery store) to rewrap the wire. This Friction Tape is like the OEM friction tape, a cloth/nylon based wiring tape, much better than using electrical tape.
Remove the External Regulator, on the old regulator connector you have 4 wires. Blue, Black/White, Red, Brown. You can use some 14 gauge wire and male spade connectors to create two 'jumpers' or you can cut and solder/shrink wrap. You want to connect BLUE to BROWN and Black/White to RED, ie Pin 1<-->4 and Pin 2<--3>. Thats it!

Parts Needed:
Remy New Gold 91302 CS130 Alternator (105 amp) $110 RockAuto
GM 88987962 CS130 Connector Kit $14.12 RockAuto

I used a Remy 91316 which has a slightly different top mount position (1:30 vs 12'clock) so I had to use a 3" Longer Dayco Belt

Old Belt - Dayco 15410 11A1040 (41" length)
Old Alternator - Autozone DL7122 (55 amp External Regulator)
New Belt - Dayco 15440 11A1200 (44" length)
March Alum Pulley System

Cross Reference for Remy 91302 Alternator:
1987 Chevrolet Camaro with 5.7 Liter
Cross Reference for Remy 91316 Alternator: (Requires longer fan belt)
1987 Buick Skyhawk 2.0L

Wiring Diagram :
This shows a basic diagram. As you can see connector 1 and 4 are being connected. This picture does not illustrate that connectors 2 and 3 should be connected but they should. This is because #2 is running to your S on the alternator (black/white stripe) and #3 runs directly to the horn relay, so in effect if you cross these two wires together, you have provided a good Voltage Sensing Point at the Horn Relay which is where you want to sense voltage since everything draws from there.

Old Alternator :